Founded in 2002 by Jerome Jaw, PAIN IS released their debut album "Here comes the Pain" in 2003.
Since this point the Band PAIN IS started to perform on the stages of Austria.

With their follow-up album "Painic" in 2005 the band set the next step in their band evolution and they also started to play in Germany.

Their career continued when “Painback” was released in 2009 and they also gained their range of playing gigs in Swiss and Italy.

With the release of "God Particle" in 2012 PAIN IS finally found their individual style of music called „Paincore“, which is characterized by heavy rocking guitars, stomping drums, booming bass and melodic hard vocals and screams. This Album also opened the gates to international shows all over Europe.

In the past years PAIN IS has played as Supportband for many International big Metal-acts.
One of their biggest shows they played, was in WACKEN 2016. As a result of WACKEN 2016 they are very proud to be one of the five Winning Bands of WACKEN METAL BATTLE 2016.

In November 2016 their new Song „Dont let us down“ and the Video to it will be released.

But there is still more to come ... Austrian’s Pain-Core machine is ready!

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