Da Rocka und da Waitler

When rock and pop with new folk music, when an Upper Bavarian Accordion Motörhead classics and the sold-out Munich Olympiahalle completely disengaged, then it is an encounter with the Sound from Da Rocka & Da Waitler aka DRDW.

Since 2012 Florian Pfisterer and Florian Pledl are on tour under this band name. The Thoroughbred musicians were working in different combos until then, after they met each other, they develop their own style of rock, reggae, grunge, Balkan and Punk and baptize the mix (after the Bavarian word Quetsch'n for accordion) on the Name "Authentic Squeeze Crossover".

The combination of rocking sound and predominantly oral texts turns out to be as a direct hit with the live audience and so play DRDW soon at events, after every young artist licks his fingers. Whether at the Munich Music Summer in the legendary Theatron, the Taubertal Festival, the Full Metal Mountain and even in the Mecca of heavy metal fans in Wacken, the two live maniacs rock the crowd that it is a real pleasure.

The reward of the effort: in 2016, DRDW actually make it into the opening act of the Farewell tour of Status Quo, the hero of her youth and secure herself here the sympathies of the audience - a great sign for the new single and the new album! Or as DRDW put it: "With an accordion and a guitar to do really crazy things. "

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