New band confirmation from Bavaria


Da Rocka & Da Waitler come directly from Bavaria and that's why they mix rock, pop and German "Volksmusik". You know, this music they also play at "Oktoberfest". They make big concert halls party to their accordion and guitar versions of Motörhead songs. They call their genre "Authentic Quetschn'n Crossover" ("Quetsch'n" is the Bavarian word for "accordion").

"DRDW" exist since 2012. The band members Florian Pfisterer and Florian Pledl blend all genres they like: rock, reggae, grunge music from the Balkan, punk and metal. Their songs and lyrics with mostly Bavarian accent always make a good party, which already was proved as support act for Status Quo or at Wacken Open Air. They also already played at Full Metal Mountain and this year the mountain is calling them again!

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