GoPro accessories: The 71 best mounts for your Action Cam

Everyone wants to create stunning GoPro videos like you see on YouTube. But do you have the necessary GoPro accessories to make your videos the way you want them to be?

Without accessories, the GoPro camera is nothing more than an ordinary little camera.


Only with accessories do you have the opportunity to capture the most incredible perspectives and angles that hardly anyone has been able to discover yet.



Captivating... you imagine it.

Probably the most complete list of accessories...

In order to get an overview of the huge amount of accessories and to find the right mounts - to capture the craziest perspectives - you will find the most important tips and explanations on this page.

Here is a content overview of the most complete GoPro accessories list there is...

Find the right GoPro accessories

Depending on what you want to film or what you plan to do, you'll need different accessories.

If you already have a particular item in mind, you can find additional information about it here - such as possible areas of use, perspective, advantages, disadvantages or recommendations.

If you're generally looking for new accessories to make your videos even better, you're sure to find new ideas here. ?

Let's start with mounts and attachments. (We'll move on to other accessories like batteries, memory cards, housings, and so on).

GoPro mounts & attachments

There were helmet cameras many years ago. But none of them really caught on. They were too inflexible.

It wasn't until the GoPro cameras, which are not just helmet cameras but action cams, offered a whole host of additional mounts and accessories for a wide variety of uses. And the trend is rising sharply.

It is not for nothing that the camera is called the "most versatile camera in the world".

And it is precisely this versatility - the new, previously unknown, breathtaking perspectives and angles - that make for great GoPro videos.

Here you will find the necessary attachments to capture your own experiences from the most unique perspectives...


What the camera doesn't offer is a good grip. If you just hold the housing in your hand, the shots will quickly be blurred, crooked or you will accidentally have your own finger in front of the lens. For much better shots, there are different types of tripods...

Handheld tripod

A handheld tripod* is a simple handle for your GoPro camera. It is suitable for every type of use and every type of video and should therefore not be missing from any GoPro accessory set. (For recommendations, see this article on gopro gimbal).


A pole tripod is a long handheld tripod. In other words, a pole. Ideally suited for "selfie videos" of a very special kind. In addition, it allows you to get closer to the action and also enables you to change the perspective in many ways. If you hold it high, you get a kind of bird's eye view, if you hold it low, you get a frog's eye view.

Telescopic tripods

A telescopic tripod* is an extendable rod tripod. It has the advantage that it is easier to store and can be varied in length as needed. It combines the advantages of a handheld and a tripod. Interesting piece. You can find detailed information on this in the article on GoPro telescopic rods.

Mini tripods

The 3rd-person perspective is often neglected in GoPro videos. Here, you don't film from your own perspective, but from the perspective of someone else. The best way to do this is to place the camera on a stand or table tripod, or - particularly versatile - an action tripod*. This way you get very steady, non-shaky shots. (Note: depending on the tripod, an additional tripod adapter may be needed).

3-way mount

The GoPro 3-way mount* is the ultimate tripod, so to speak. It is a handheld, pole and stand tripod in one. An ingenious companion, but one that also has its price. Once you have it, you hardly need another tripod. Everything you need to know about the GoPro 3-way mount can be found in this article.

Adhesive pads

The GoPro adhesive pads* are the best and easiest mounting option in many situations. Simply clean the surface to be glued, remove the protective film, stick the adhesive mount on, press it on, wait 24 hours and you're done. It's amazing how firmly some of these things hold (of course, it always depends on the surface).

You should make sure that as much of the adhesive surface as possible is in contact with the surface. That's why there are both flat and curved adhesive mounts.