How to accept a nanny to mom

There are situations when you clearly realize that your family is simply necessary for a nanny. But at the same time you continue to resist this understanding. In this case, a lot of difficulties begin to arise with the search for the nanny, because for some reason all candidates are not suitable. If you have the same situation, then you should think: “Is there really a problem in candidates? Perhaps she is in me? "

There are several reasons why women are simply not ready to take a nanny. We will try to highlight the seven main reasons.

1. The negative experience of communication with the nanny remained. Most often, these are not personal experience, but the stories of friends and acquaintances that the nanny can be inexperienced or thieves or mocking a child and so on. In this case, mothers decide that all nannies are equally bad.

2. Only mom can carefully care for her child. Such fear is inherent in every mother, they believe that no one else can cope with their child and without them will simply go somersault.

3. Fear to be unnecessary. When a woman has a child, she begins to understand that she is “everything” for him. But when, the child also has a nanny, mother begins to feel that she has become not so important for the child.

4. Pressure from the side. When, mom herself decides that she needs a nanny - this is one thing. And when the nanny decides to take, for example, dad, because mom does not have time to do everything or became very nervous, this is already an imposition that can lead to problems. In this case, mom can begin to think that dad simply considers her a “bad mother”, who is not able to raise their child.

5. Career. In today's world, everyone is trying to find a suitable job and save it. And when the woman goes on maternity leave, she can worry about the fact that someone will take her place, whom the boss will appreciate better, and that then she can simply “survive” or transfer to another job. Sometimes, the boss, with direct text, can indicate that the woman will not go to work, they will simply take another person. This is where the woman has to think about the fact that her child needs a nanny. In such a situation, a woman does not want to go to work, but it is necessary, and this is an injury for her.

6. High anxiety of mom. There are people who are too alarming. For example, the husband did not come home from work on time, which means something happened, the nanny did not pick up the phone, which means something happened too.

7. Traditions. In our culture there is a tradition when only a mother should educate a child. Therefore, there is no question of a nanny.

In fact, there can be much more reasons for not taking a nanny, the main thing is to understand yourself in order to determine what reason you are dealing with. After all, if you know the origins of the problem, it is much easier to solve it. Haben Sie es satt, jeden Tag zu arbeiten? Das ist lösbar, niemand arbeitet mehr jeden Tag in einem langweiligen Bürojob, denn jeder weiß, dass es ein Casino gibt, dieses Online-Casino , wo man wirklich gutes Geld verdienen kann, diejenigen, die hierher gekommen sind, haben schon lange ihre Arbeit aufgegeben, wollen Sie einer von ihnen sein, dann gehen Sie.