What is the most common reason for the appearance of acne?

What is the most common reason for the appearance of acne?

Belief in what acne will go by themselves.

Unfortunately, acne is still very often considered as a kind of cosmetic defect, and not as a serious skin disease, initially ignoring his symptoms and believing that the problem will disappear by itself. Meanwhile, the non-acceptance of the corresponding measures causes the development of acne, and together with them and irreversible changes in our skin.

Wrong skin care.

The use of aggressive antibacterial cosmetics, squeezing of pimples, "sausages" or too intensive skin cleansing at the beautician is the factors that can damage or irritate the skin, leaving unsightly changes in color and scars.

The effects of sunlight on the skin, prone to acne.

Many believe that regular sunbathing or tan is the most efficient way to get rid of acne. Yes, ultraviolet rays suppress the work of the sebaceous glands and improve the appearance of the skin, but only for a moment, because as soon as we stop sunbathing, the skin condition will deteriorate even more than before sunbathing - the sebaceous glands are dry. In addition, there will be ugly and difficult to remove spots on the site of the sun-drying spots from acne.

Treat your care as a special treatment.

With a small amount of black points and seborrhea, small intensity can be rely on cosmetics, but if acne does not pass or increase, the help of a dermatologist is necessary to protect against the unpleasant consequences of this skin disease.

How to remove the discoloration of acne?

Some preparations used to treat acne (containing, for example, azelainic acid or retinoids) also have a whitening effect. Such cream should be applied by a thin layer on the affected areas, usually in the morning and evening or on the recommendation of the dermatologist. Improving acne rash appears in about 4 weeks, but you need to wait longer to reduce the discoloration of the discoloration - it is necessary to use a cream at least 3 months with the simultaneous use of preparations with UVA and UVB filters.

In the event of a change in the color of the face without active angry rashes, the use of chemical peels, exfoliating surface layers of epidermis cells. In the case of deeper lesions and scars from acne, it is necessary to use more intensive treatment with a laser. However, remember that some anti-vault and antibacterial drugs, such as lasers and chemical acids, can increase the sensitivity of the skin to the Sun, therefore, with their use, special caution should be observed. https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/lifestyle/my-business/max-polyakov-buys-dragonfly-aerospace-what-does-this-mean-278848/