Partypoker Online Casino Review

When it comes to digital poker rooms, you actually have two big fish in the sea around the world. And one of them is partypoker, founded in 2001, is the biggest poker room. You can find its in-depth review at

And straight to the point: Partypoker is a well-organised and enjoyable poker room for placing digital bets.

Partpoker organises many tournaments, such as the Party Poker Million, where you can earn great prizes. In its heyday there were 80,000 players in peak hours, but today that number is much lower.

However, in recent years Partypoker has made a comeback and is targeting the mainstream poker players.

A brief history of Partypoker

Partypoker, was founded in 2001 by PartyGaming, a company based in the Caribbean Islands. At the time, it was the largest online poker room in the world due to the innovative software and technology of the time.

In 2011, the company was sold to Bwin. Party Digital Entertainment, which was subsequently sold to Entain plc in 2015. This company is based on the Isle of Man. It has licences in several European countries, and operates under the name Martingale Europe Limited under Malta's strict digital gaming laws. So you know that security is assured.

The different types of games on Partypoker

Here you will quickly see what types of games you can choose from. It also becomes clear that you can play with contingent money, and you don't have to spend any real money at all. At the bottom of the screen you can switch between real money and play money. Partypoker also gives you an initial capital of 10,000 play chips for free. That's a nice extra service.

Playing for money

In the cash game window you can choose between four game types: no limit hold'em, pot-limit omaha, no limit short deck and fixed limit hold'em. Plus you can filter the amount of your buy-in, how many players are at the table and the game format and poker room. In Pot Limit Omaha you can also choose high or high-low.

As you can see, there's plenty to choose from when it comes to different types of games. So that means something for everyone. Now, in the game selection section, you can choose which game you want to play. This all speaks for itself. But that's not all.


Money Games also offer fast-forward games (you'll recognise them by the arrow icon in front of the game name). In game mode you sit at a table with six people (including yourself) as part of a very large group of players. Once you've played one hand, you move on to the next table, where five more players are competing with you. So as soon as you fold a hand, you immediately move on to the next one. You can change tables even faster with the 'advance fold' button. Great for fast poker players!

Club Games

You can create your own poker club where you can play with your friends and/or family. This can be useful if you live far away from each other or if you don't see each other very often. With an audio program like Skype it will feel like you are just playing a game together.


Sit-and-go is a kind of mini-tournament that usually ends within an hour. It's good if you want to make it "quick". You can also easily learn the importance of your position at the table and experiment with your playing style. In this type of game you can again make precise choices and, for example, choose the tempo of the game Turbo or Hyper. You can play Sit & Go in Classic mode as well as in Double or Nothing or Heads Up modes. This also makes these card games very fast paced, which is a nice change.


This is a Sit & Go game where you sit at a table with only three players. You can play with very small or very large stakes and win huge prizes. Before you start the game you see an animation of a kind of wheel of fortune where the amount you win is determined.

But what's also nice is that you can sit at more than one table at the same time. This way you can challenge yourself and make things a little tougher.


Partypoker also offers a wide range of tournaments including the World Poker Tour (WPT), the aforementioned Millions and the Irish Open. You can find all these different tournaments in the buttons to the right.

Preparing for the game

When you set up a new game, you are almost never completely satisfied with the settings. That's why it's always nice to be able to customize the poker room itself to better suit your needs. On Partypoker this is easily done by clicking on the gear icon on the right hand side of the screen. This is 'settings'.

You'll quickly see that all of this can be configured quite extensively. On the "basics" tab, for example, you can turn the sound and animations on or off. You can also choose your own avatar. And on the 'Themes' tab you can define the visual effects of your poker table, such as a pack of cards. You can also make all sorts of advanced settings, so you can really customise the game the way you want.