FOURTH porn star diagnosed HIV positive as adult film industry remains in fear of an outbreak

A fourth porn actor has reported testing positive for HIV, increasing concern that there is an outbreak among adult entertainment performers. 

Two performers - Cameron Bay and Rod Daily - have come forward and announced that they tested positive, but the third individual who was infected has remained anonymous.

A moratorium is ongoing on shooting in the adult film industry following the news of a fourth performer testing positive for the disease.

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Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation told the LA Times, that a fourth porn star had contacted the organization.

Mr Weinstein said: 'We were approached by a male performer who told us he had tested positive' but declined to give further details.

The adult film industry is considering increasing the frequency with which its stars take HIV tests from 28 to 14 days however a decision is yet to be made.

Radar Online reported that 'a dozen female performers have been quarantined as a result of exposure'.

After Cameron Bay came out as being infected, a brief moratorium was issued that stopped all productions of pornographic films, but that was lifted just days later.

When Rod Daily announced via Twitter that he had tested positive for HIV less than two weeks after Bay made her announcement, he advocated for further precautions to be taken.

'Drumroll please!! I'm 32 years old and I'm HIV positive. Acute HIV, which means I recently was infected. For that I am blessed,' Daily wrote on Twitter last Tuesday.

'I'm blessed for the fact that I caught it so early that I can blast that s*** with meds.

'With the tests I have done the doctors have figured out that I was infected within the last month...My antibodies just showed up on a test this week which is scary because they didn't a week ago,' he said in two other tweets.

A trade group representing producers of pornographic movies in Los Angeles called on any of Daily's sexual partners to be tested for the virus.

The group said it could not yet confirm whether Daily truly had contracted the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, but it warned his partners to be tested.

The Free Speech Coalition were the ones to confirm on August 22 that the actress who goes by the name of Cameron Bay was also infected with HIV.

Daily has been linked romantically to Bay on the adult film industry website

California Assemblyman Isadore Hall, who has been trying for months to get a bill passed in the state Assembly mandating the use of condoms in sex scenes, said Daily's reported infection shows the need for such a regulation.

'This is the second individual within a week and a half to contract HIV in the industry,' said Hall, a Democrat. 'There will probably be more.'

The multibillion-dollar adult film industry is centered in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles.

The industry has vigorously opposed efforts to require condom use on set, protesting against a 2012 voter-approved measure requiring condoms to be used in Los Angeles County and successfully arguing against an earlier effort for such regulation at the state level that would be specifically geared to film productions.

The Free Speech Coalition said in an email to Reuters that Daily acted in gay and transsexual sex movies in which condoms were used.

After Bay tested positive, production was shut down for about a week.

But as of early evening last Tuesday, no order to cease shooting sex scenes had been issued.

In a series of Twitter postings, Daily cited this brief moratorium as an example of how the industry is unwilling to change- to the detriment of it's actors.

'That does not change anything though. A week later people are back at it shooting without condoms.

'I have also learned that people can be so well medicated that they test negative. Scary, the test everyone relies on.

'Magic Johnson has HIV, and can infect other people but his test comes up negative. Is that so impossible for anyone else to do the same? NO.

Just sayin be careful because that test ain't shit without a condom strapped up with it.'

Daily appears to be taking a positive approach to the news, staying optimistic by saying: 'Had to pinch myself a few times no doubt. But the sun still shines on my face and its warm. Can't take my heart ever. I love life, blessed.'

'I felt bad for the guy who had to read me my first test result. His face turned to stone, I wanted to give him a hug and say it will be ok.'

Bay's scare resonated outside of the porn industry, as it was revealed that she had recently had sex with the male performer who later appeared in a video starring Sydney Leathers, disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner's sexting partner.