Why Lounge Music Is Still A Most Preferred Genre In Casinos?

Music plays a relevant role in everyone’s life. Perhaps you will not visit the Full Metal Mountain or any other music-related resort or event. Perhaps you don't consider yourself a passionate music lover but I bet you still listen to music every now and then - and even enjoy it! There are many occasions to listen to music. For example, while driving your car or while shopping for clothes or even while waiting in a doctor’s waiting room, without mentioning when watching TV shows or listening to radio programs.

We all know that music is not all the same – there are many different genres to listen to and, why not, to play and have fun. The difference among all music genres relies in the message, sound and types of playing instruments. So, we can have classical music, Christian music, rock music, rap, jazz and pop music and many more genres.

What Is Lounge Music?


Lounge music is for sure one of the most interesting music genres ever existing in such a large and rich panorama.

Lounge music first appeared in the first half of the 20th century, mostly connected to gambling facilities like casinos. Soon after its first appearance, lounge music began to conquer more and more room becoming more closely connected to the casino environment. Why was that possible? Basically, the large and immediate success of lounge music is due to certain most relevant factors, like these ones:

*Lounge music doesn’t promote specific messages (for example, political messages, religious concept and more)

*Sound in lounge music is soft, pleasant, sweet and mellow, so you can listen to it without losing your mental concentration on the game you are playing or without to even realize you are listening to some music!

*Lounge music is the ideal compromise between soft relax tones and mental focus-friendly atmosphere

*Differently than almost all music genres, lounge music often recalls exotic music, tropical sceneries and more in a very calm and soft way

*Certain music instruments can’t play lounge music because of their specific tones (for example, flutes match lounge music’s sounds very well, while electrical guitars don’t at all)

Today’s Casinos Music Choices


Lounge music is still the queen of the scene in most land-based casinos, not only in Las Vegas but also in overseas countries. However, online casinos are currently gaining growing popularity on the internet, as well. This implies certain technical changes in the way casino music is chosen by casino companies.

Today’s modern online casinos offer a music background for each of their game, the gamblers can easily decide to switch the music on or off as they prefer.

Australian Pokies to German Spielautomaten


Some of the coolest games that are packed with exceptional music backgrounds are the modern versions of the old fruit machines. In Germany, we call them "spielautomaten", translated from slots machines but in Australia, they go under the name of "pokies". If you want to check out for yourself, take a look here at this Australian casino guide.

As you will learn, Pokies are sort of video poker games, but they differ from US slots in that they are added with extra game functions. Such extra features allow the gamblers to have higher odds to win prizes at the games. Winning at a slot game is kind of like turning on the radio and you are hit with a song that goes straight to your heart and makes you happy for the rest of the day!