Full Metal Mountain – YOUR WINTER HOLIDAY!

How do you imagine spending your ultimate winter holiday? Racing down slopes with skis or a snowboard strapped to your feet? How about spa and relaxation? A festival vacation? Partying all night long? Feasting on delicious food? Well, all that and more is Full Metal Mountain! The winter sports region of Nassfeld in Kärnten is THE hotspot for all kinds of snow-loving Metalheads.


There is hardly a better feeling than sliding down a snow-covered mountain. Feel the adrenaline, the freedom … feel alive! You’re not a skier or snowboarder? No problem! There are many other activities you can get into. Create your holiday, the way YOU want it to be!


You need an alternative to the tranquil mountain scenario? Then get out of your ski wear, slip on your finest band shirt and move on over to one of the many parties happening on Metal Mountain. You don’t even need to leave the slope to start partying. The Peak Stage, Mountain Stage and the Full Metal Tent are all located directly on the slopes. There will be many international acts playing live music from the peak to the base of the mountain with one aim only: to set off the most insane avalanches known to mankind. The perfect start to your festival season!


Neck pain, ringing ears or tired legs? The Nassfeld region boasts with a plentiful spa offering. Warm up in the panorama sauna after a day out in the cold snow, let your tired muscles enjoy a relaxing massage, “let go” in the sea breeze saltwater bath, take a swim in the heated outdoor pool with a breath-taking view of the snow-covered mountains – make sure to take some time to relax, so you can party even harder in the evening!


Treat yourself to more than canned beer and ravioli! Kärnten caters to all kinds of taste with its culinary treats. From Gailtaler Bacon that is treasured all over Europe to honey from the Carnica-bee, delicious alp cheese, fresh fish and internationally celebrated Craft Beer – discover the taste of the Metal Mountain!


You can experience your ultimate winter holiday for a whole week – with good friends, like-minded people and new acquaintances. Finally, a holiday with NORMAL people!

LEGENDARY – YOUR Winter holiday!

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