Hämatom will play an exclusive concert at the height of 1590 metres!

15.12.2017 - 15:00

Shortly before Christmas we have a present for you: The German metal band Hämatom will play the special concert “Mountain At Night” in the night of April, 4th.

A spangled sky, the shining moon, fresh snow under the feet, the own warm breath and silence: You normally enjoy the mountain at Nassfeld in Kärnten like that, but on April, 4th Hämatom will bring an end to this holy calmness.

For the exclusive experience “Mountain At Night” they will enter the Mountain Stage at the middle station. Normally the programme on this stage at about 1.600 metres ends in the afternoon. But on April, 4th there will be an extension. You will go up the mountain again to see the great Alpines’ panorama, but also a powerful concert.

Hämatom’s name stands for musical bruises. Also their new album “Bestie der Freiheit“, that will be released on January, 26th, doesn’t make a difference. It’s full of hymns, that fight against injustices in the world, break down walls and defend freedom to the fullest. This angry and hungry freedom beast will come out for sure also at the mountain concert night in the cold!

4 more top acts for Full Metal Mountain - the Mountain is calling!

17.11.2017 - 17:00

More names for Full Metal Mountain 2018! The hardest winter sports party gets support from four top acts which will rock the mountain for the very first time!

More band are already in preparation right now, but we did not want to withhold these tidbits any longer.

In 2018 we will rock the mountain with:

Pirates at the mountains? This may seem strange at first glance, but Alestorm has never been known to stick to conventions. The True Scottish Pirate Metal band is already sharpening the blades for the festival - they are hear to drink our beer!

The band has released a new album called No Grave but the Sea earlier this year and we can't wait to welcome the funniest pirates of the metal world at FMM!

Captain Alexx, Noel Pix and their mates are ready to rock with us! The German band combines Rock, Gothic and Electro elements and gathered legions of fans all around the world.

This year they released their first number 1 album - congratulations!

Another German band that gets bigger and bigger every year! Versengold started with folk music, but they added more and more rock and metal elements within the last years.

Coldness, darkness and destruction: Abbath is without any doubt one of the most important black metal musicians out there and we are thrilled to welcome him and his band! The scene was curious, when he left Immortal in 2015, but the release of his self-titled album in 2016 made clear, that he doesn't need the name Immortal to release great music.

Don't waste time, book Full Metal Mountain now!

Full Metal Mountain III - 02.04. - 08.04.2018
With: Kreator, Eisbrecher, Versengold, Alestorm, Nazareth, Betontod, Abbath, Elvenking, Hämatom, Sodom, Walking Dead on Broadway, Rage, Tuxedoo, John Diva, Razor Punch and many many more!

5 more bands for the hardest winter party 2018!

25.10.2017 - 15:00

Full Metal Mountain goes into the third round in 2018 and the lineup is growing: Today we can announce 5 more names for the toughest winter sports holiday in Europe!

By doing this, we are extending the musical spectrum of our program with a few more nuances. Many other acts are currently being finalized and the ticket sale is already in progress!

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The German Metal authority Hämatom is ready to rock! The four rockers will release their new and highly anticipated album, Biest der Freiheit on 26.01.2018. It is expected that the album will boot the bands success once again!

The band was already rocking with us at the premiere of Full Metal Mountain and now they will return with new material. We're looking forward to it!

Also the punk rocker from Betontod are currently swimming on a big success wave which does not seem to tear. The band mixes society-critical songs with rocking party anthems and a fat production. Their live shows are always fantastic and we're ready to rock with them!

Melodic Power Metal made in Italy - Elvenking are rocking the scene since 1997. The band refines their Power Metal with Folk Metal elements and covers a wide range of thematic themes. From classic emotional themes like love to fantasy and folklore - everything is there.

The latest work of the band is called "Secrets Of The Magick Grimoire", it will be released on 10th November and promises great!

John Diva & The Rockets Of Love
Looking for the next party? Look no further, John Diva is in town! The Glam / Hair-Meta Sensation is dedicated to the greatest songs of their genre and their concerts are stunning parties.

Razor Punch
The North German newcomers of RazorPunch won the bandcontest of RADIO BOB! on the Kieler Woche. Their main prize is a slot at Full Metal Mountain and it is more than deserved! The hard rockers are touring the north of the Federal Republic since 2011 and they gained a lot of experience since their beginnings. Now it's time for the mountains!

We welcome the new arrivals and are already preparing the next acts for the upcoming festival. Do you already have a ticket for 2018? Get yours now!

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