FMM 2018: Review and Outlook


Dear Mountaineers,

We look forward to engaging you to continue the heavy metal winter vacation of 2019.
The partnership with the municipality Tröpolach, the mountain railways, hotels and regional tourism organizations as well as the companies of the FMM GmbH should be continued in any case.

All partners experienced so many emotional and great moments in the last three years, which clearly and unequivocally extends to a continuation of this project in the Alps. For FMM 2019, there will be changes that will make the offer more flexible and attractive in order to fulfill the wishes of the fans with more options. In addition, the responsible persons hold intensive and innovative discussions in order to continue working on the basis of the enthusiasm of the guests and to optimize the concept.

There were also news from our regular guests Tanja and Alex this year. At the first edition of the Metal winter holiday 2016 the two get to know each other, the second time they love each other and this year they get to know Baby Henry the Full Metal Mountain. "We are very welcome, the FMM family has a small receiving hat", find the new parents.

Further information about FMM 2019 will be announced soon. The presale start is planned for mid-June.

We are very grateful for your feedback. A survey will be available on Monday, April 9th.

Your FMM team!

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