TOP-3 video games for those who like Assassin’s Creed

The Assassin’s Creed Game series is one of the most popular and successful in the industry. Within the framework of the franchise, a huge number of various products were published, which are all united by the general theme of the struggle of the secret society of killers for truth, freedom and justice. The games of the series are captivated by their setting, variable and diverse gameplay, competent stealth mechanics and atmosphere of real dangerous adventures. However, what to do if all the games of the series have been completed, but do you want something else like that? Fortunately, there are enough such video games in the industry, which will be discussed below in more detail.
1. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War
The second part in the framework of the series, which is based on the works of the Lord of the Rings. The game performs in the genre of third -person Action in the open world. Players again have to try on the role of the trace of the Talion, which follows the path of revenge. The open world has grown strongly in comparison with the original and is divided into several large locations. Fortresses appeared in the game that can be conquered and subordinate. The game is similar to Assassin’s Creed with its combat system, the presence of stealth and movement mechanics, when you can climb almost any object of the game world.
2. Dishonored.
The game franchise, which includes two license plates and several additions. Both games are representatives of the first-person Action-RPG genre. The actions of the game unfold in a fantastic world, which combines the elements of steam-punk and magic. The games of the series were loved by players for an extremely variable and diverse gameplay, which encourages a creative approach to passing tasks. The game was clearly dragged under a secretive passage, however, each player himself here creates his own personal style of play. For example, here you can fight openly using firearms and cold weapons, or you can resort to magical abilities. I would like to note the local visual design of locations that differs in deep study and sinks into the soul from the first minutes of the game.
3. Ghost of tsushima
Exclusive PS4 and PS5, performing in the 3rd person in the open world. The actions of the Samurai militant unfold in feudal Japan, namely on the island of Tsushima. The invaders in the person of the Army of the Mongols are invading here and now the player has to challenge this formidable power. A wide arsenal of techniques, methods and means will be used to combat the Mongols. You can fight using the faithful katana, or you can become a real partisan and destroy the enemies secretly, like a shadow. The branded shurikens and bombs have not disappeared. The game has a very beautiful open world, and visual design refers to the best masterpieces of cinema on Japanese themes. Today, Casino Z is one of the best gambling houses on the Internet. Try your luck right now!