Winning Big At Lucky Fridays Online Slots Demo Free Play

Play slot machine Lucky Fridays from the company Red Tiger Gaming can be in demo mode, completely free of charge. Lucky Fridays slot has a payout percentage of 95.77%, 5 spinning reels, 30 paylines. There is no bonus game, no freespins, there is a Wild symbol, no Scatter symbol, and there is a multiplier. Play slot machine Lucky Fridays can be in automatic mode, there is a mode of "Fast spin".

Lucky Fridays slot machine from the developers of Red Tiger dedicated to the most enjoyable day of the week - Friday.

Playing a slot Lucky Fridays (Lucky Friday) even if you're not in the office five days a week, you can feel the joy that most office workers are experiencing. Joy about the end of the work week and the coming long-awaited weekend, because it's Friday!

The funny thing about the Lucky Fridays slot is that it depicts exactly what you probably shouldn't be doing during work hours (unless you have a job like mine). It's a little surprising that no one has thought about this concept before, since it seems so obvious now that Red Tiger has brought it to life. Essentially, the game is a tribute to the mundane routine that most modern people have to suffer through every week before Friday comes around with a party, drinks, and weekend craziness.

The 5x4 reels spin on a computer screen in a typical office environment, and the game is divided into 2 completely different modes. The daily office mode has no features other than the usual wild symbol, and you basically count the days and hours until Party Time breaks out at 6 p.m. on a Friday night. You start your "work week" on Monday at 08:00 sharp, and each spin is 1 hour in the game. It takes 55 game "hours" (i.e. spins) before the game finally relaxes and shows you what it's made of.

Fireworks erupt, champagne bottle corks pop, and the background and mood of the game changes. The moody office characters suddenly take on a colorful appearance, and for the next 7 hours/rotations they will also be worth more than usual. What's more, you'll also get up to 3 different features that can be triggered at random times, and winnings of up to 3655x are possible in this rather volatile and original game from Red Tiger. The party ends at 00:00 sharp, and you start all over again on Monday morning - with or without a hangover.

What are the bonus features here?

The only bonus feature you can take advantage of during the "working hours" of the main game is the red sports car wild symbol. This is a regular wild symbol that can substitute for all symbols to help you form winning combinations. To give you an example, there is a similar slot machine with sweet bonanza bonus features. It is also the highest paying symbol in the game and you win 20x for 5 on a payline.

All the fun and bonuses are concentrated in "party mode," which takes place every Friday at 6 p.m. Excitement is in the air, and there are many useful changes in party mode.

Premium characters are now turned into wild party animals, and the party character version costs more than the regular "corporate versions." To give you an example of the increase we're talking about: the highest paying dude is now worth 15x instead of 10x for 5 per payline. The lady with the lowest value, who looks like a gray office mouse secretary during work hours, pays 11x as a party girl (exposing her tattooed cleavage) instead of 4x.

There are 3 random bonus features that can be activated during Party Time (which lasts from 6pm to 00pm, or 7 spins). These features can be activated at any time, and you can also get each of them more than once for each party:

Party Wilds - Mega Wilds up to 3x3 in size can randomly land on the reels.

Party Reels - remove all low-value item symbols on the next spin and leave you with only stacks of premium characters.

Party Multiplier - Gives you a multiplier of up to 12x on your next win, and the multiplier is determined by the die roll.

Free Spins at Lucky Fridays

You won't find any free spins bonus rounds in this game, as it's all about the Party Mode, which occurs on a regular basis (every 55th spin to be exact). It would be great if Party Mode actually consisted of free spins, but it doesn't. The boss doesn't pay the bill for it, so you have to pay for your drinks.

Play Lucky Fridays slot machine for free

The Lucky Fridays slot has a playing field of five reels and 30 paylines. Wins are formed when you get 3 or more of the same symbol on consecutive reels from the first.

Play Lucky Fridays (Happy Friday) can be on all devices by selecting a rate of 0.10 to 20 euros per spin. The game has a manual mode and automatic, you can also press the Turbo button to spin faster. Lucky Friday's RTP is 95.77%, volatility is high and the maximum Lucky Friday winnings are x3500 of your bet.

Lucky Fridays slot special symbols

The Wild symbol (luxury car) can replace any other symbol in the slot to form winning combinations and is also the most valuable image.

Lucky Fridays slot features

Lucky Friday slot has two modes of play: regular weekday spins and party time. You will see that each spin increases the time on the digital clock. This clock is located below the reels, so you will always know how much time is left until the party. The standard spins last from 08:00 on Monday until 18:00 on Friday. As soon as Friday is on the clock and the time is 18.00 you will go into Party Time mode, where all the features will become active.

Party Time feature - When it is party time, the background of the playing field changes and the workers change their clothes. Their value also changes due to the symbol update feature. For example, if the highest paid worker pays 10 bets for a combination of 5 in standard mode, then during party time he pays 15 bets.

In addition, one of the following features can come into play at random:

  • Party Reels feature - all lower-value symbols are removed from the reels, followed by a spin in which only the higher-value symbols participate.
  • Wild Party Feature - a huge 3×3 wild symbol is added to the reels and performs its standard duties of replacing other images.
  • Multiplier Party feature - dice will appear on the screen, which will bring a multiplier equal to the number of dots on them, then it will be applied to the next spin.
  • When the clock strikes 8:00 on Monday again you are back in office mode and looking forward to Friday again.

In general, Lucky Friday (Happy Friday) is an unusual slot machine just like office workers, but even if you are far from it, to look at the people who every week madly await the arrival of Friday is very interesting.

Review results

The concept of Lucky Fridays slot is surprisingly (and almost frighteningly) similar to reality for many people. That's the strength of this game, as you're likely to be able to figure out what's going on. Long weekdays seem like an endless chore, but then Friday comes along and there's something to look forward to. It's brilliantly reflective of most people's real lives, there's no doubt about that, but it's not enough to give you a great slot game experience.

People play online games to take their minds off the daily grind for a little while so they don't have to be reminded of it. The main game here is too dark, and the Party mode often doesn't live up to your expectations (sound familiar?). In our opinion, the Party spins should also have been free as there is no bonus round. However, we see this slot as a potential "iconic game" that some offices around the world could adapt into a sort of Friday night ritual. In that context it is close to perfect, but a more humorous and cartoonish approach might have served it better than a "chic" high-class "seriousness."