Rock music changed MUTZs’ life at the age of about 6. Ever since he followed his path on the dusty road a young musician needs to wander.
Beginning with his first Schoolband “the Hurricanes” (epic name ;)), he joined several Bands and projects like, DRONE, Delivery Van, Rocktail aso…
Besides the formations, MUTZ always wrote solo-songs and made a side-career hitchhiking through the lands, making his own experiences.
Establishing his name through the years, he played shows like “FullMetalCruise”, AlpenFlair, W:O:A, Beachflair, support for John Corabi (Mötley Crüe/Dead Barbies) and hell a lot of Clubs and Pubs….

In january 2016 he finally releases his first solo record along with some videoclips.

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