File sharing - what is it?

Many of you probably downloaded anything using RapidShare file sharing, depositfiles, hotfile, megaupload and others. They were redirected to you from other sites when you wanted to keep my music, a film or some document to your computer. Why did it happen? And because the owners of sites on this do not badly earn. For each download, the man "foul" file on the file sharing receives a certain amount: somewhere 10-15 dollars per thousand downloads.
Earnings on file hostnists does not oblige to have its own website, you can "fill" to the file sharing service what you think may be interesting for other Internet users. After you get a link to this file, and then as they say - "Case of Technology". You post it on those sites that allow you to add your news for general familiarization, on the forums, in chat rooms, in general, we advertise it in every way and promote it. The more resources you used to place the link, the more people most likely pass it, thereby increasing the amount of your potential earnings. The same situation with the number of files posted: the more - the higher the earnings.
The most active users can earn up to $ 500-600 per month, while such earnings can be called passive: downloaded files, "post" links and waiting until the money in itself "drip". The main place to place high-quality and useful files that will be able to interest many Internet users.
How does the money come from who go to pay for downloads? We all offer to become the owners of gold accounts that will allow you to download a high speed file without watching advertising and minute waiting. It is quite convenient, but for such pleasure you have to pay. So, part of this amount goes to pay to users who posted their files on the site. By the way, if you download your file, a person registered the Gold Account, you get an additional percentage of earnings. The coefficient may increase depending on your activity and size of the fastened files (download large sizes is much harder).
In addition to increasing the coefficient on various file hosting, there are other ways to encourage. For example, the user who earned most money for a certain period will eventually receive a reward in two-time.