New band confirmation from Bavaria

22.01.2018 - 15:30

Da Rocka & Da Waitler come directly from Bavaria and that's why they mix rock, pop and German "Volksmusik". You know, this music they also play at "Oktoberfest". They make big concert halls party to their accordion and guitar versions of Motörhead songs. They call their genre "Authentic Quetschn'n Crossover" ("Quetsch'n" is the Bavarian word for "accordion").

"DRDW" exist since 2012. The band members Florian Pfisterer and Florian Pledl blend all genres they like: rock, reggae, grunge music from the Balkan, punk and metal. Their songs and lyrics with mostly Bavarian accent always make a good party, which already was proved as support act for Status Quo or at Wacken Open Air. They also already played at Full Metal Mountain and this year the mountain is calling them again!

Early Christmas present of Full Metal Mountain:

22.12.2017 - 15:00

The crew of Full Metal Mountain plays Santa two days too early! Today we have eleven new bands for you!
The band avalanche is rolling! The first new confirmation are Emil Bulls. The band from Munich is already at the top of the German nu metal, alternative and crossover scene. Their new album “Kill Your Demons” is also a success. Countless sold out shows show, that their formula for success is working out: They stay true to themselves but also develop further.

Kaiser Franz Josef have a home match on Full Metal Mountain. The royal hard rock band from Vienna was already support act of the mighty AC/DC – and the title of their latest album “Make Rock Great Again” is their motto. “We start where the era of the last good rock bands ended. We want to make rock great again”, says frontman Sham.

Exclusive ride to FMM
For hardcore fans of those two bands we have a special offer: The first 50 new bookings that put “EB Fanbus” or “KFJ Fanbus” into the annotations field will get the chance to travel by coach to Full Metal Mountain. The tours for 50 people each will start in the home cities of the bands – Munich and Vienna. Detailed information will follow soon!

In april the melodic hard rockers Bonfire, Black Inhale from Austria, Insanity Alert with their „cross over party thrash“ and Schirenc plays Pungent Stench will also enter the mountain. Other new acts: singer/songwriter Mutz, Mit Ohne Strom, Blaas Of Glory, Skyline and Mambo Kurt.

We wish you a merry Christmas, a happy new year and hopefully some snowflakes to get in the mood for Full Metal Mountain!

Hämatom will play an exclusive concert at the height of 1590 metres!

15.12.2017 - 15:00

Shortly before Christmas we have a present for you: The German metal band Hämatom will play the special concert “Mountain At Night” in the night of April, 4th.

A spangled sky, the shining moon, fresh snow under the feet, the own warm breath and silence: You normally enjoy the mountain at Nassfeld in Kärnten like that, but on April, 4th Hämatom will bring an end to this holy calmness.

For the exclusive experience “Mountain At Night” they will enter the Mountain Stage at the middle station. Normally the programme on this stage at about 1.600 metres ends in the afternoon. But on April, 4th there will be an extension. You will go up the mountain again to see the great Alpines’ panorama, but also a powerful concert.

Hämatom’s name stands for musical bruises. Also their new album “Bestie der Freiheit“, that will be released on January, 26th, doesn’t make a difference. It’s full of hymns, that fight against injustices in the world, break down walls and defend freedom to the fullest. This angry and hungry freedom beast will come out for sure also at the mountain concert night in the cold!

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