Servants of the people. Overview Wasteland 3 № 3

While people pray to the Reagan AI, work is considered to be enslaved

The ambiguity of themes continue and playing situations. Usually role-playing games were accustomed to the model, skill checks in replicas should be taken primarily to avoid conflict - the most "good" way to solve the problem. Wasteland 3 is not afraid and here to show a little more courage. So, the replicas, tied to certain abilities - this is still a powerful tool, but developers often furnish everything so, thoughtlessly choosing additional replicas, we can on the contrary to start a fight faster than we wanted. To all, after the first hours, depending on your squad, skill checks may be somewhat, but only one will be useful. However, even without them, Wasteland 3 encourages to think before talking, because often you even in a standard set of replicas, where one and the same thing is said, but in completely different colors. Of course, it will affect the attitude of the interlocutor and the whole fraction, and occasionally also may have long-term consequences for you (although they are mainly related to prices in stores).

However, for excellent work with game situations, ideological and textual filling the game I had to pay. People. The game has enough colorful characters, but surprisingly few interactions with them. Take for example our companions. They can talk to each other during a wandering card, comment on certain situations, get involved during someone else's dialogue ... But they do it just a few times per game. And when they are in the detachment, they will not speak with them at all! About personal quests from partners can also be forgotten. Lucia Veszon is the only partner who has its own storyline. The rest, which would not be performed the first impression, simply work for you with fire support and only in a series of finite screensavers we tell about something new.

Regarding the gaming world, he came out let it be compact (the game has less than 20 full-fledged locations), but rather colorful. Unlike serious Wasteland 2, the third part of the foreclosure is packed with parody and black humor, but at the same time it lacks cruelty. Not only physical - yes, Wasteland 3 is generously registered burned, pierced, dissected and torn bodies, but its most terrible moments often cost even any violence in the frame.