Tips for the passage of Dragon Age Inquisition - Mission: specializations for Inquisitor First

How to unlock: After arriving in Skyhold and completing specializations for an Inquisitor operation.

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Teachers in Skyhold.

When you first arrive in Skyhold, you can purchase new special skills after completing the specialization for the Inquisitor operation. When you finish it, three teachers will appear in the yard, and they will present you their ways of study. Each class (rogue, magician, warrior) is divided into three special subclass. You can choose a specialization yourself. As you get the opportunity to become an expert in a specific area, your companions also reveal their predefined specializations. Your choice depends only on your preferences and strategies, but keep in mind that it cannot be changed later (also does not necessarily choose a specialization). In addition to the new tree skills, you do not get any additional privileges when choosing a new development path. The head of the list of skills will help you make a decision.

This quest looks equally in all cases: after completing the operation, go to the courtyard and find teachers (they can be found in different places, depending on your class, but always in the yard). Talk to each to be able to make a decision about your specialization. After selecting the path, collect materials and items described in the quest magazine to create a special subject. You can do it near any contemporary table (located in the camp or in the heavenly hill, near Sir Morris). When you have a necessary item, go back to the appropriate teacher Enjoy your new skills. Below you can find a list of requirements of each specialization.

Box of supply

Climb the stairs and do not forget to pick up the box with the supplies - remember, however, that you must first use all the potions you have, because you replenish your supplies after you have discovered the box, and you cannot use it for the second time. As soon as you climb the stairs, only members of a long-range group will be able to fight for some time. Now it is necessary to have a magician who can conclude those units in the barrier or shielded characters that will receive damage caused by the Crimean. After you have exhausted more enemy health glasses, you can fight the dragon (depending on your choice in the storyline).

To quickly defeat the dragon, damage all his limbs, up to the moment they start bleeding - then you have a chance to turn the beast, because then it will be defenseless. Try to avoid all the attacks aimed at you because they apply a lot of damage, but they are easy to avoid.


200 Power inquisition